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Creating Space For The Flow of Life

2015-05-25 12.33.52

Everyone needs a place to relax and unwind on a daily basis.  It might be your bedroom, the park, a quiet cafe or a special room in your home.  Here’s how I turned a chaotic place into a blissful space.

We’d decided to have a work studio in our garden to save us renting office space.  David, (hubby) had already moved the contents of his office into our home by December 2014 although the studio wasn’t due to be completed until January 2015. Our home couldn’t house all the work paraphernalia he’d been hoarding in his office.

The clutter was spread across two rooms and it wasn’t stored neatly out of sight. No!  Things were stacked in the removal boxes on the floor.

In addition to David’s work gear, we had tonnes of my son’s personal effects. He’d left them with us when he moved to London. To say the house felt chaotic would be an understatement.

I’d open the doors to these packed rooms shut them in despair. With no idea where to even begin organising them.  The thought of sorting it all out made my heart sink.  I began to accept that nothing was going to move until I’d finished an insanely busy work contract in spring 2015.   Then I’d have the time and energy to tackle it.

Curiously, seeing these rooms so full was a brilliant metaphor for my mind, at the time. It was noisy with thoughts and zero space for them to flow freely.  The health symptoms I’d been having (digestive problems and food intolerances) were raging.

Creating space for life to flow (literally and metaphorically) was my top priority when I finished the contract. Tackling these rooms stuffed to the gunnels was first on my hit list.  David helped, of course, as did his friend Mike.

We shifted everything from the back room into the guest bedroom. David and Mike dismantled and dumped an old built-in-office we’d had in the back room.  Once the office was out, the room was a wreck with scarred walls dotted with raw-plug holes. The carpet sagged and was threadbare in several places after more than ten years underfoot.

But now, at least, there was space to move around.

Filling holes, skimming over the places where the plaster had come undone and sanding it smooth gave us a blank canvas that was ready to paint.  The room looked more cheerful once it was freshly painted.  We ordered a new carpet and gleefully chucked-out old one that had served us well.

We added a new sofa-bed and shelving before deciding which items we’d bring back into the room. A cathartic decluttering fest followed.

We finished the room just before my birthday and named it The Sanctuary. The gorgeous Lily’s and cinnamon scented candles in the photo above were birthday gifts from David.

Life felt lighter.  My mind was quieter and the health symptoms had calmed down too. I had become absorbed in a creative project and fell into that deliciously nourishing space that’s the source of well-being.

Now, The Sanctuary is a peaceful place where I listen to music, read, write, meditate or do absolutely nothing. Through the window, I can see the tree tops waving, the sun smiling and hear birds singing.  My mind naturally becomes quiet when I sit here and I can think more clearly.

Everyone needs a special space to simply be.  If it’s not in your home then perhaps you have a spot in the garden, a cafe, a park – somewhere that’s peaceful just for you.  Where is your space for you?