About me

The Deliciously Nourishing Story Coach

In 2013, I was working as an international business consultant, writing a book and setting up a new business to bring storytelling into organisations. Years of striving caught-up with me and I got burnt-out. It showed-up as chronic digestive symptoms, food allergies, panic-attacks, brain-fog and insomnia.

I saw it as a huge inconvenience and decide to tackle it head-on like I did everything else, literally. Already trained in nutrition and NLP I trawled my books to find the answer. I researched and found even more information. And I experimented trying a range of diet regimens, emotional healing modalities and even energy healing.

But the symptoms didn’t go away. Sometime they were better or worse and there seemed to be no logic. I was frustrated and worried.

So I upped the ante. I tried even harder. All-in-all I tried over forty different health modalities to get well. And there was improvement. Sometimes I was much better and thought that I’d cracked it. But then I’d go right back to square one. It was like a never-ending game of snakes and ladders.

Then came the moment of truth for me. I noticed that when I was relaxed and happy my symptoms lessened and when I had stressed-up thinking they increased.

I learned that my thoughts become feelings and then my feelings were reflected in my body as symptoms. When those thoughts are scary, contracted and overwhelming, the feelings associated with them are uncomfortable and they turn into the physical symptoms that I would sometimes experience. That’s not to suggest that the symptoms weren’t real or were ‘all in my head.’ They were physical and painful at time. And I found them distressing.

However, I noticed how I would spin the cogs of my mind in a mire of muddy thoughts. Contracted and with tunnel vision, instead of backing-off I’d blindly go further into the tunnel thinking that the answer lay there. “It’s got to be around here somewhere if I look hard enough,” I’d tell myself.

Most incredible of all was realizing that our default state is happiness and wellness. It doesn’t require positive-thinking exercises or hours of meditation to get there. We fall into that place naturally when we let go of our obsessive need to figure it all out. I’d been striving all of my life to feel relaxed, happy and well and that was the irony. We don’t need to strive for it. Striving for it chases it away.

It’s that great feeling you have when life feels wonderful for no good reason? That’s our default nature. It’s the source of our wisdom and wellness. Some people call it home, others call it true north, others still call it enlightenment. I call it deliciously nourishing.

My first book The Tao of Storytelling was written from a deliciously nourishing feeling. People who read it connect with that energy.

The Deliciously Nourishing Story blog comes from that same quiet place too. The intention is that by engaging with it you might fall into that deliciously nourishing place within you.

Deliciously nourishing is a smorgasbord of stories and articles about food, lifestyle and inspiration. Enjoy!