Making Friends With Food

Theses days, food intolerance is common. When I first began to have digestive problems, they were coupled with other weird symptoms which appeared after eating certain foods.  In time, that these strange symptoms resulted from my immune system over-reacting to common foods.

I was aware of the theories about leaky gut, small intestinal bacterial overgrowth, carbohydrate malabsorption and histamine intolerance amongst others. I tried all the recommended diets such a Specific Carbohydrate, GAPS, FODMAPS and others. They seemed to help sometimes and at other times I had digestive symptoms drinking only water. Food reactions became an obsession and soon I was eating less than ten foods on a regular basis.

Courgettes were a staple and I often thought it would be fun to come up with 100 recipes to make with courgettes as the main ingredient. But it wasn’t funny. It was incredibly inconvenient and distressing.

In time I noticed that my symptoms were worse when my mind was incredibly busy, particularly when I had thinking that led to fearful or angry emotions. Becoming overly focused on food and trying to get rid of my symptoms didn’t help. It added to the load on my mind.

And I’m not suggesting for a moment that the symptoms I had weren’t real physical experiences. But the reactions I had, depended on much more than the food I was eating. I knew that there was a mind-body connection phenomenon going on and I worked hard to discover it using NLP, hypnosis, tapping, breathing techniques and I even meditated but often my mind was so busy that it was impossible to settle into that quietness. All of these techniques are useful and helped in their own way. But they didn’t resolve things completely and they required continued effort.

It was almost two years after my digestive symptoms became challenging that I discovered why.

My sister send me a link to a set of videos on something called 3 Principles. It was a teaching that originated from a Scottish welder living in Canada called Sidney Banks who had an enlightenment experience. He saw the truth behind life and how we create our experiences through our ‘Thoughts’ and our ‘Consciousness’ (our aliveness) working in concert with ‘Mind'(the source of life itself).

He realised that we’re naturally connected to the source of life itself. We’re made of it and it’s the source of our own wisdom and well-being that supports us though life.

Even more important was realising that Sidney Bank’s enlightenment experience was a feeling or an encounter with the Divine. No intellectual scroll was handed to him from the sky. That encounter with the Divine brought with it some wisdom and the words Mind, Consciousness and Thought are how Sidney Banks described how we create our reality.

Of course it’s not a new idea. We’ve always had access to the Divine through meditation and other practices. However the 3 Principles concepts teaches us that we don’t need to meditate to access our own wisdom. We always have it and sometimes we see it and other times we don’t because our minds are over-busy.

Initially I was skeptical about the idea that we all have this innate wellspring. If that was true, surely I’d have figured out a solution by now. But that was the trouble. I was trying to figure it out and simply adding to the busyness of my mind.

In time I came to see that I was finding difficult to swallow and digest the never ending platter of thoughts that played on my mind. I had the illusion that I could figure everything out intellectually and the more I tried to do that the more busy my mind got. I was disconnected from my wisdom.

So I stopped paying so much attention to food intolerance and instead decided to enjoy food. I engaged with food creatively learning about Ayruvedic spices to make our food more tasty and digestible. Soon I was thinking much more about what I was going to eat than what I wanted to avoid.

Now, when I look at fresh healthy food I can see that it has the same life force as us humans. In Ayruvedic traditions they talk about that energy of life in our food. It’s nourishes our bodies. Everything in my world of food has lightened-up and become more playful. Over time I’ve been able to expand the range of foods that I eat so now there’s plenty of variety.

After-all it’s the spice of life.