Life Style

Resting & Digesting

My transcendental meditation teacher Linda said that Mahareshi Mahesh Yogi always told people that it’s our natural state to go within ourselves and then go out into the world.  Receiving is the feminine principle and giving is the masculine principle.

Receiving is the feminine principle and giving is the masculine principle.  Giving is related to doing and neurologically is associated with neurochemicals such as adrenaline, cortisol and the fight or flight system.  Receiving is related to being and the release of serotonin, oxytocin and acetylcholine which help us rest and digest.  Our bodies need to be in a receptive state in order to and that means a calm mind and a relaxed body.

It’s little wonder digestive problems and the food intolerances that stem from them are so common these days. Rest and digest is our default system. But as a society we give far more then we allow ourselves to receive.  Social media is a good analogue because every day a gazillion bytes of content get created and most of us are talking far more than we’re listening.

Looking at my own balance of fight or flight vs rest and digest the latter barely existed. Doing had become a habit and being was unfamiliar.  No wonder my digestive system was struggling to function.

In Eastern traditions gut health is considered central to overall health. When our digestive systems are unable to function properly a cascade of health challenges can occur.

Getting our bodies back into the default of rest and digest is imperative for our bodies to heal.

When my mind became quiet my body began to heal. My digestion recovered and I became able to eat a broader range of foods and extract the nourishment from them.

In a world that values constant striving, achievement and is full of fear mongering, it’s important to realise that all of that drama comes from our obsessive thinking.  Our minds can whir at a ferocious speed and the volume of thoughts can become indigestible. Our thoughts create emotions when we take our personal thinking seriously and imbue it with meaning.  We can discharge these emotions by expressing them in an acceptable way.  However when we get r thinking and that we’re overwhelmed with thoughts and hence

However, we can become overwhelmed by our personal thinking and feel emotionally overwhelmed as a result.  High volumes of tangled emotions become hard to understand and impossible to express and so tension is created in our bodies which can lead to real physical symptoms.

Our nevous system, our immune system and our hormonal system are intrinsically linked together.  When our minds and bodies are out of balance we can manifest as real physical symptoms.

When we’re instead living in the feeling of that deliciously nourishing space of rest and digest, which is the source of our health and wellness, our physical symptoms tend to calm down.