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Ayurvedic Coconut & Almond Chicken

Our recipes are definitely what you’d call fusion cooking. Here’s a tasty coconut and almond chicken recipe with ayurvedic spices.

Recipe: X 2 people

Chicken breast portions X 2
Coconut milk X 1 can
Carrots X 2
Butternut Squash X 1
Courgettes X 2
White Onion X 1 large or 2 small
Cumin seeds X 1 teasp
Fennel seeds X 1 teasp
Ground coriander X 1 teasp
Fennel X 1 teasp
Himalayan salt or Celtic sea salt
Flaked almonds (handful)

Making The Paste
Peel and crush the garlic & chop the ginger and put into a mortar and pestle
Add cumin seeds, fennel seeds, ground coriander, ground fennel and salt
Add a teaspoon of olive oil
Crush all together in the mortar and pestle to form a paste
Gradually add the remainder of the oil until the mixture is runny.

Chop the carrots, butternut squash (peeled), courgettes and the onion
Chop the chicken into 1.5 cm pieces

Take a pan
Put ghee into the pan and heat it on the stove
Add the onion and allow it to cook slowly until soft
Add the chicken pieces and cook until lightly golden
Then add the paste to the pan
Add the carrots and butternut squash
Add the coconut milk to the pan
Cook for 30 minutes
Then add the courgette and cook for a further 20 minutes

Serve in bowls with a sprinkle of flaked almonds on top.