Wisdom From A Bay Tree

At Christmas our friend Ann gave us a Bay Tree. What a unique gift! We were delighted. We kept it inside having decided that it could go into the garden come spring. However, I noticed in recent weeks that every time I looked at it, I’d hear the sound of a bay leaf dropping delicately to the floor.

Was it thirsty?
Or was did it simply produce ready dried bay leaves?

I watered it but it continued to shed it’s leaves. Last week I gently touched it’s and they fell-off in bunches. Oh dear! A dying bay tree, I feared.

Then, I looked more closely at what was behind all those withered leaves. To my astonishment I saw that heaps of new bright shiny buds were coming through. Wow! I continued to tousle it and allow the old leaves to drop away. Eventually I ended up with a Bay Tree that looked like it’s had a bad hair-cut. It was sparse and a tad scruff but on every sprig new shoots were earnestly emerging.

However it was a wonderful reminder of the cycles of life that we all go through. Old things fall away making way for the new. Our bay tree was a source of delicious wisdom. Now I’m looking forward to watching it bloom and seeing it laden with new fresh bay leaves to enrich our recipes too.