The Master Chef

It was New Years Eve and David when I were visiting with our friends Ann and Patrick. They’d spent ages looking for snacks that someone who seemed to be intolerant to all sorts of foods (me) could eat. In all processed food there’s gluten or nuts or sugar or goodness know what else that my body had got into a habit of panicking about. So as usual I didn’t eat much of the party food.

Then Patrick had an idea. “Why don’t you two design some recipes for people who have food intolerance like you.” He knew that I had trained as a naturopathic nutritionist and David is a brilliant chef. Then he said, tongue in cheek, we’d know what the **** to give you to eat when you come around.

David and I had often considered doing a food and nutrition project together but we’d never quite got around to it. So, we began to reconsider it. The deliciously nourishing idea which is about much more than food had been percolating around for a while. Creating recipes seemed to fit with it naturally and so we began.

When it comes to selecting ingredients for our dishes mostly comes from my fascination with food to nourish our bodies. However when it comes to recipe design and making food that’s delicious, that mostly comes from David’s culinary skills. Putting food together into yummy recipes is an art.

We both cook but David plays Head Chef responsible for sizzling, searing and baking things. I play Sous Chef chopping, grinding and mixing things. We work together as a team each respecting each others’ strengths.

The result is recipes that are deliciously nourishing and we get enormous pleasure from creating and sharing them. Enjoy!